Monday, April 28, 2008

In the News: Everyone Gets Kicked Out of Church

Cardinal Egan says that Rudy Giuliani shouldn't have taken communion during the Pope's visit, because of his pro-choice views.

The Church of England declares that there will be no female bishops before 2014, because "the Church would risk a mass walkout by opponents of women priests if women are put in positions of authority over them."

The Presbyterian Church is trying to decide if a Kentucky pastor violated church law by performing marriages for two lesbian couples.

To counteract this depressing week, here's a story I missed in January: the San Francisco presbytery approved lesbian pastor Lisa Larges for ordination. She had been trying for 23 years, and her lack of bitterness is inspiring: ""I still feel stunned, honestly, and deeply grateful both to the folks who supported me and to the presbytery for stepping up."

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