Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Continuing Adventures of Bibleman

So who is this Bibleman fellow, you ask? He's the titular hero of a popular Christian children's show, played until recently by Charles in Charge and Celebrity Fitness Club alum Willie Aames. He wears Biblically correct armor (the "breastplate of righteousness," "shield of faith," etc.):

He fights atheist villains by shouting Bible verses at them. He is, truth be told, a pretty boring superhero.

But there's still some fun to be had with Bibleman, and that fun lies in his incredibly offensive villains. Last week, author Daniel Radosh (whose book, Rapture Ready!, I'm very excited about) burned an "exclusive" Bibleman clip for the media gossip site Gawker. The clip shows Bibleman facing off against one of the show's many villains, most of whom evoke a startling degree of gayishness and/or Jewishness. Here's the guy from the clip, a belligerent talk show host with the most outlandish Jewish accent since vaudeville died:

Here's a guide to some other Bibleman villains, courtesy of WMFU's Beware of the Blog.

But there's more! A few years back, another blogger wrote to the Bibleman folks to complain about the show's anti-Semitism. She got a response directly from one of the actors; read the whole story here.

I know what you're thinking: you need to see more clips. Well okay then. Here's Bibleman getting tortured, Emperor Palpatine-style, by gayish villain Primordius Drool. And here's Bibleman fighting another enemy, Shadow of Doubt. And best of all, here's a trailer for the Bibleman videogame, in which Bibleman takes on the First Amendment.

That's right, meet Bibleman's arch-nemesis: Wacky Protester.

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