Monday, April 6, 2009

The Adorable, Illegal, PlayMobil Bible

The first awesome thing about the German website that hosts photos of Playmobil figures acting out Biblical scenes -- okay, well, that's the first awesome thing.

The second awesome thing is that it's called the Klicky-Bibel. Can you think of a catchier Bible name than Klicky-Bibel? Don't you want to say it in a German accent with me right now? Der Klicky-Bibel! Das Klicky-Bibel! Die Klicky-Bibel!

The Klicky-Bibel is essentially the Playmobil knock-off of the Lego-based Brick Testament. But there are a couple of key differences. For one, the Playmobil site was created by an actual pastor as an evangelizing tool, whereas the creator of the Brick Testament is an atheist.

Perhaps this explains some of the artistic liberties in the Klicky-Bibel; like the presence of Satan at the crucifixion (above). Or the fact that Satan is an eyeliner-wearing albino snake-handler.

Overall, I'm partial to the Brick Testament, which is a more impressive technical achievement, wears its sense of humor on its sleeve and, perhaps surprisingly, is more Biblically accurate. But the Playmobil site is clearly a labor of love, so it's sad to see the Playmobil company laying the smack down on its use of their product. Come on, Playmobil execs -- what good are toys if you can't use them to act out the Temptation of Christ? Furthermore, I'm pretty sure you started this trend yourself. Or have you forgotten that Playmobile Nativity Set?

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Have You Hugged An Atheist Today?

Joe Bob Briggs, who you may remember as the host of the Daily Show's "God Stuff" segment, has a great dispatch about the Crystal Clear Atheist Convention over at the Wittenburg Door:

I’m assuming that Dawkins couldn’t have known how closely his three goals correspond to a typical rally of those scary “On Fire For Jesus” teenagers:

1) Speak out and stand up for Jesus, no matter what your secular friends say!
2) Know your Bible so you can share when people quote from secular books!
3) Don’t follow the crowd!

The only difference is that Teens For Christ would conclude with a group hug and hysterical girl-shrieks, whereas atheists are not, as a rule, huggers.