Monday, January 14, 2008

Gettin Xenu With It

A month after telling Us Weekly that he "doesn't necessarily believe in organized religion," it appears that Will Smith has converted to that most frighteningly organized of religions, Scientology. While Smith hasn't confirmed that he is a member of Hubbard's church, the press has offered a couple tip-offs:

1. He sent out Scientology-themed Christmas cards. (Where does one buy those, exactly?)

2. He's started using the word "reprogramming" as if it were a normal conversational term for anyone except robots.

3. He informed Men's Vogue that "98% of the principles (of Scientology) are identical to the principles of the Bible."

Those interested in the other 2% should head over to Gabriel Mckee's blog SF Gospel, where he posted some fascinating stuff, including the full text of the out-of-print expose Bare-Faced Messiah. Gabriel also spent 20 minutes making the above photo, which it took me 30 seconds to blatantly steal.

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Melinda said...

oh great.

Tom Cruise: 1
Sanity: 0