Sunday, December 16, 2007

Embarrassing Christian of the Day: Sherri Shepherd

The View co-host Sherri Shepherd refused earlier this year to acknowledge that the world is round, lest she get tangled in some tricky fact-based debate about evolution versus creationism. Now Sherri has moved on from geography and is ready to share her version of history: before the Greeks, before the Romans, there was Jesus.

Now it's possible that Ms. Shepherd was referring to John 1 ("In the beginning, there was the word..."). Whoopi Goldberg even tries to jump in and save her with this theological implication. But the sad fact is, she seems to literally believe that Jesus pre-dated the rest of history. And worst of all, she clearly thinks that this belief makes her a good Christian.

As a good Christian myself, I would like to add that Jesus invented the wheel and drew all the hieroglyphics.


Gabriel Mckee said...

Well, according to Mel Gibson, Jesus invented tables and chairs. Maybe she's onto something!

Stan Duncan said...

I love that comment and have often wondered why, in all of the things people have said about Gibson's "literal" rendering of the passion story, more was not made of his clear implication that Jesus invented the "tall table."