Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Which Sin Makes the Best Baby Name?

In their research of the all-time worst baby names, the folks at Ancestry.com located babies named after every one of the seven deadly sins - except gluttony. The most popular sin-based baby moniker was Pride, followed distantly by Lust. A sampling of actual names they uncovered:

Lust Garten
Greed Sister Mancini
Avarice Sullivan
Sloth Washton
Wrath Gordon
Envy Burger (Shouldn't these folks have gone with Gluttony?)
Pride Saint
Greed McGrew
Pride Saint
Lust T. Castle

I can't wait until the Pope's seven new deadly sins start to appear in the baby-name rosters. Note to Angelina: Morally-Debatable-Experiments Pitt is pretty catchy.

Pictured: my own baby, who was named after a saint, but only because "Envy Burger" was taken.


MelindaG said...

that's awesome. right up there with Utah Baby Namer (Chinchilla Zest, anyone?)

I can SORT OF understand 'Pride' - like "my pride and joy" type of thing. And I can understand someone thinking Avarice sounded pretty - without knowing what it meant(like Ava+Alice) But Greed? Lust? Sloth?

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