Friday, May 16, 2008

"Lost" Theories: Is The Island Eden?

Watching Lost the other night, I came to the realization that everyone who had been looking for something in Australia found it on the island: Kate wanted to escape the law, Hurley wanted to be rid of his money, Locke wanted to learn his true strength in the wilderness, Michael wanted more time with Walt, Sun wanted Jin's baby, Sawyer wanted to kill the man who destroyed his mother, and so forth . . . So if that's the case, could the island actually be paradise?

That's the theory put forth by a USA Today reader in this article, which has the series creators commenting on some theories and being suspiciously mute on others. Here's my favorite, Darren from Tennessee's "Eden" theory:

The actual identity of the island is the Garden of Eden — the cradle of civilization. We believe the show is balancing faith and science. Thus, the island is a place of faith being cloaked and protected (and even prodded) by scientific means.

It has been revealed that the numbers are the Valenzetti Equation. This equation points to the end of the world. It points to destiny, and it has been referred to as "a curse." When Adam and Eve sinned, it brought a curse to mankind (which included difficulty in childbirth). It also doomed all mankind to death. It pointed to the end of the world.

Dharma was trying to reverse the curse of Adam and Eve through scientific means, while the Others and the Lost-ies have been trying to do so by means of faith. The Others are moving the Lost-ies to make right the sins of their past. The Monster is a man-made means of judgment; he is a man-made god. If someone can pass The Monster's test of judgment, they may be able to atone for Adam and Eve's sin, and in essence reverse the curse in the very place where it began — the Garden.


Melinda said...

that is utterly and totally amazing

DJ Wilkins said...

I think you're right on in this theory... however, the monster I think also relates to the Eden theory more strongly that you suggest here.

In the bible, God puts an angel (or angels) to protect people from getting to the tree of life in Eden (Genesis 3:22-24) and in the bible the angel of the lord appears as a pillar of cloud or smoke (Exodus 14: 19).

The Smoke monster in lost is said to be a "security system" that is guarding the way to the Temple. What do you suppose is in the Temple? The tree of life!

Indeed, the Smoke monster kills Eko when he does not repent of his "sin." This was the monster making sure that this violent sinful person does not reach the Tree of Life, eat of it and then life forever in his sinful state.

"The Others" that are ultimately going to be lead to the Temple (this is suggested as something Locke was going to be expected to do in Season 3 or 4), because they are "the good ones" and its okay for them to eat of the Tree of Life, and live forever.

Why is Richard eternally young? He's already eaten from the tree.